Creating the right first impression is critical to your business or organization. With professionally designed marketing materials, you will ensure that wherever your business is presented, in print or on the web, the message you want portrayed is communicated properly, and in a way that engages your audience. Our graphic design focus is logo and corporate identity, brand development, print design, and web design. HJ Design is driven to be at the forefront of new and emerging design styles and trends.

Corporate Identity

Logo Design

Your logo design is your most importable and visible marketing representative of your company. It must convey your corporate identity with clarity and personality. The creation of a Company Logo is one of the most important stages in the quest to build brand awareness for your customers.

HJ Design provides custom logo and corporate identity design solutions through superior logo design concepts that engage your audience.

Let the team of designers and marketing professionals at HJ Design help you establish and build upon your logo and brand, whether it exists, or you’re just looking for a new start.
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Outdoor Media

Billboard Design

Even with the growth of technology and online marketing, the billboard continues to play an important component as a marketing tool. As a physical marker that thousands of people can see daily, it can hold great potential in exposing your company and product to potential buyers–if designed properly.
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Package Design

Package & Display Design

Effective packaging looks attractive, impresses with its creativity, and contains clear and concise information, while persuading a consumer to purchase the product inside. Industrial, graphic, and typographic designs are all put to the test to create an impression so meaningful that it converts currency into consumerism.

Direct Mail

Post Cards & Mailings

HJ Design specializes in mailing lists and direct mail advertising campaigns that combine the latest digital technologies, such as personal URLs, e-mail marketing and mobile text messaging. In addition to planning your campaign and providing graphic design services, the staff at HJ Design will help you precisely reach specific zip codes to maximize your ability to acquire the exact customers you are seeking. HJ Design tailors each direct mail campaign to enhance your existing marketing strategies.

Want to reach households by geography, income, or age?  We have the ability to place ads within "shared mailings" via the US Postal Service and local newspapers, which dramatically saves on postage.  Need printing for your business? Our rapid response on-line print store gives you the fastest turn-around time!

Print Ads

Publication Advertising & Design

When considering media choices, HJ Design utilizes unbiased demographics such as gender, age, income, location of residence or business, etc. to develop an effective advertising plan. HJ Design combines different types of media to deliver different messages, including newspapers, magazines, billboard and direct mail; or new media such as websites and text messages.

HJ Design engages in media that fits your advertising goals, your advertising budget, and reaches your target market, convincing them to purchase your product or service

You increase the likelihood of a positive return on your advertising investment, regardless of the amount you spend. Different types of media can be used to deliver different messages.


Large and Small Formatting Printing

Here at HJ Design, we are a unique collection of graphic communications specialists with a remarkable range of individual expertise and experience in printing, imaging and information rendering of all types. We will make sure your next print communication is attention grabbing and action inspiring. From the simplest business form to the most complex marketing campaigns, we can provide your business with the print communications it needs to communicate most effectively while maintaining a dynamic presence in the marketplace.

HJ Design ensures that your company will be represented with spectacular designed and quality printed pieces.

Website Design

Internet Design

HJ Design creates websites that are brand distinctive; results driven and search engine friendly.

In order to provide your company with harmonious functionality, each project is developed from scratch with the utmost level of care. We work closely with you to create an image that reflects your business and captures the visitor's attention.

The designers at HJ Design create custom websites with robust functionality and intuitive navigation by incorporating modern standards and technologies, ultimately improving your website visitor’s experience.
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